Around the Web: Omphalos and Hole Ousia

As I sat down to write this, I just realized that it was actually one year ago today that I launched this humble blog. One of the best reasons for blogging and social media is the chance of making contact with people you likely never would have encountered otherwise. This happened with my first post, when Peter Gordon introduced himself in a comment. Peter is a geriatric psychiatrist in Scotland who also has been thoughtfully exploring in video and writing the need to develop a richer approach to dementia informed by the humanities, and the broader problem of the division between science and the humanities in biomedicine.

I was especially flattered that he used extensive quotations from my book in one of his first videos called  The Diseased Other.  Lately, he has been courageously raising vital critical questions about the push for early diagnosis of dementia, which he summarizes in this short film:

Peter makes his videos as Omphalos and shares them on Vimeo. He blogs at Hole Ousia, and  at the Myth of Alzheimer’s blog. Check his work out.